Welcome to the Dinsmore Avian Ecology Lab

at Iowa State University

My research interests are varied, although I am primarily interested in avian population ecology. This includes capture-recapture, estimation, population modeling, and other similar topics, especially as they apply to non-game birds and species in need of conservation measures. I often focus on research that uses a strong quantitative component (e.g., modeling or sampling) to address applied management issues.

Here are links to additional information about some of my recent research projects:

Mountain Plover population biology in Montana

Breeding biology of the Long-billed Curlew in Nebraska

Breeding biology of the Puerto Rican Bullfinch

Population dynamics of the Devils Hole Pupfish

Distribution and abundance of secretive marsh-birds in Iowa

Grassland birds in managed field borders in Mississippi

Black Skimmer and Least Tern nesting ecology in Mississippi

The Dinsmore lab

Research Associate Kevin T. Murphy (Iowa MSIM Project, in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources)

My current graduate students include:

  1. Shane S. Patterson (M.S.). Some aspect of the MSIM dataset.
  2. Zack J. Ruff (M.S.). Mountain Plovers in Montana.

Click here for a list of past lab members.